Creating a Community of
Like-Minded Entrepreneurs


Our facilities are modern, collaborative workspaces with a wide range of technology equipment for entrepreneurs to use and collaborate in an inclusive environment. This equipment includes many laptop computers, iPads, a 3D printer, virtual reality lenses, educational robots, high performance computers and servers for large data processing.


Spark Innovation Educational Center is the central hub for the incubation and acceleration of technological innovation. We believe that focusing on technology and training capabilities in education will provide benefits across multiple economic sectors, and will facilitate and grow a specialized, high-value technology sector across the Niagara Region. We are committed to retaining, attracting, and supporting creative startups and entrepreneurial talent from across Ontario, Canada, and the world.


With the proximity to the US border and the Toronto - Waterloo - Hamilton corridor, Spark works collaboratively with existing experiential learning departments at local educational institutions to authentic 21st century learning opportunities through co-ops, internships and instructional space for professional learning and development. 


“Increasing youth retention through educational technology and entrepreneurship.”

We believe that by developing innovative and technological thinking at a young age, youth will have the potential to change the world through advancements in technological communications, health, education, manufacturing, education and more.
Once given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial thinking, these youths will build the future economy of Niagara and beyond. Through innovation of various existing companies and development of new ones, participants of our program will bring jobs, talent and ambition to their local communities.

“Innovating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.”

Our mission is to support and advance the efforts of emerging startups as they evolve and transition from ideation to seed commercialization. During these stages of development, our focus is to provide a physical workspace that promotes advancing their skill sets, networks and potential in ways that will significantly increase their business sustainability.



Our partnership with Spark Niagara has been great for us. They are super helpful and through our collaboration with Spark we have gotten a landing space in Canada. Also, we have been able to build relationships with schools and institutes in Canada.

Karthi Mariappan

CEO & Co-founder
Hippo Video

We moved into Spark Niagara in September 2017 and it has been such a positive learning and growth experience. Spark has opened up such a large network for us including introducing us to several global companies now working with us! Spark’s team of experts have helped me focus our business and design a strong sales plan. I highly recommend any entrepreneur coming to Spark! You will love the feeling of collaboration their team creates and I am excited for the future of TReality with Spark Niagara

David Sabina

T Reality