Retaining Local Talent
A recent study performed by Brock University and the Niagara Workforce Planning Board showed that the age bracket that caused the greatest population decline from 2001-2015 were 35-39 year olds. The study further explained that this could be a result of business professionals leaving to seek higher management positions in their companies in bigger cities such as Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa etc. To tackle this issue of the lack of business leadership opportunities in Niagara, Spark has developed innovation neighborhoods to encourage and support business professionals to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. In result, this age cohort will have potential to become the CEOs of their own companies and thrive in the Niagara Region. 

Spark Technical Academy

Spark Technical Academy in partnership with Stratford University, now offers skills training certificates in Cybersecurity & Technology training.

Opportunity Niagara

Opportunity Niagara is a youth employment initiative to create a more comprehensive out-of-school network, while improving the overall climate for hiring young people. 

Spark Camps

Conducting affordable educational workshops and camps on visual arts with technology taught by local technology and arts experts.