TriOptimal Learning Model

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Learning from the Inside Out

Course Description: Level 1
TriOptimal Learning Model focuses on the intersection between attachment, neuroplasticity and ecological theory in terms of academic achievement, as these are central concepts for understanding factors that help students who struggle with learning. The model is based on decades of academic and clinical research and personal application.  It successfully helps children with learning disabilities overcome their challenges and be successful in their learning.  The TriOptimal Learning Model is compliant in both Canada and the United States in meeting both Common Core and Curriculum standards.

Day 1: 

Understanding learning disabilities
Understanding the TriOptimal Learning Model™

  • Attachment
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Ecological Systems

Day 2:

  • Can’t versus won’t
  • Behaviour and Learning
  • Goal Action Plans and the Four Cs of intervention

Day 3:  Learning from the Inside Out

  • Integration of the TriOptimal Learning Model™ into the classroom/learning context
    • Signs, Accommodations and Interventions
  • Application of the Model using the four Cs of Intervention
  • Case Consultation

Learner Outcomes

  1. Educators will have enhanced knowledge of the TriOptimal Learning Model™ which will provide them with strategies to develop an “optimal learning environment” for learning disabled children.
  2. Educators will learn how to apply the model in classroom settings through practice and consultation.
  3. Educators will begin to understand the crossover between attachment neuroscience and education and its importance in understanding the learning profiles of their students.